Five Items You Should Not Purchase Used

There are so many things in the market that are too expensive to buy in a brand new condition. With the increasing number of such items, secondary markets in the United Kingdom have risen to the occasion.

Today, you can find almost any used item at a secondary market. Although some of them are a good purchase, there are certain things that must not be bought used, ever. To make sure you don’t waste your precious money, we have created a list of five products that you should always keep away from while shopping in a secondary market.

Baby Cots

There have been more than a couple of incidents where broken baby cots have caused fatal harm to babies. Some of these cots are so dangerous that several countries have even gone on to ban them from being sold. However, you can still find them second-hand. No matter how cheap they are, you must not buy such cots. Instead, go for brand new alternatives available in a primary retail market.


Risking safety is the most unwise decision you can make for yourself. While buying a used helmet, you might not be able to look for minor scratches and broken patches over it. Such broken helmets can cause a threat to your life which is why it is always recommended to buy them brand new.


Footwear is among the most commonly bought used products in the United Kingdom. This is not recommended mainly because you are at a danger of contracting an infection that the original user might have had. Though the shoes are washed before selling them second-hand, it does not wash away the chances of bacteria being transferred from the primary user to the secondary one.


Never, ever buy used furniture, period. Follow this advice unless you have the magical abilities to cure a possible bed bug infestation. According to a survey, there have already been fourteen reports of bedbugs in the United Kingdom, a number that is expected to rise by the end of the year.

Once they are in your house, they not only ruin your night’s sleep, but also lead to either of the two things: you throw out the entire furniture affected, eventually losing a lot of money: or you take costly measures to eradicate the infestation.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are some of the most used appliances in a house. Buying them second hand means buying a worn vacuum cleaner which is going to require replacement sooner. Instead of wasting your money on a used one, a wiser decision is to go for a new vacuum cleaner that will last longer.

Although used products in the market are offered at cheaper prices, they are a bad bet. You get a poor quality product nine out of ten times. Therefore, instead of taking the risk, it is wiser to buy a new product the first time around and get rid of the worry of getting ripped off.